Privacy and Personal Information

  • We sometimes collect information from you
  • but we try to keep it safe
  • and we don't sell it.
  • We sometimes transfer information, but only for specific (and very good) reasons

When you visit our site, contact us or buy one of our products you may give us some of your personal information. This document explains what we do with that information.

We don't share your personal information with anyone except to process orders in our online store (or if required to by law).

Visiting our website

When you visit our web site we may record some details about your visit.

If you contact us then we may use your details to contact you about the products or services that you are interested in.

Mailing Lists

If you decide to sign up for any mailing list we may send you regular mailings. However you are always able to cancel using a web form or by emailing us directly.

Technical Support and Sales Information

This also applies to information sent via the "Send Feedback" system

If you contact us and request technical support or sales information we will normally keep all of the emails so that we can refer back to them later.

We will use this information to improve SQLEditor and provide better service to you.

We will not normally transfer any information that you provide to anybody else unless required to for legal or technical reasons.

However, if the cause of a problem is believed to be with a third party system (for example an operating system framework) we may pass information that you send to that vendor, we will try to remove any personally identifying information prior to doing this.

Information Removal

If you have sent information to us and prefer that we don't retain your information please either indicate this in the feedback message or send email to us at

Our Online Store

Our online store is provided by Fastspring

Fastspring Store

The Fastspring Store is run by Bright Market LLC who operate under the name Fastspring. In order to process transactions you may be transfered to their site. Fastspring may collect additional information about you which they may share with us in order for us to process your order.

We will store this information to process your order, to recover your serial number later (if lost) and to allow for upgrade entitlements.
We will not sell or transfer it to anyone else except when required by law or to perform order processing (for example to deliver a DVD or manual)

The Fastspring Privacy Statement explains how Fastspring will treat your personal information.


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