SoyLatte Stuff

(Read the blog article SoyLatte 10.6 bundle template)

These files allow you to use an existing SoyLatte Java install with the new Java management system in 10.6

WARNING: Experimental stuff here

Step 1

You need to download (and possibly build) SoyLatte first.

Download from

The symlinked version here will only work with the 1.03 i386 release unless you change the symlink.

Step 2

Download and install either the symlink or the bundle version

Both decompress to a .jdk bundle.

Step 3 (Symlink Version)

Copy the jdk file to /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/

Step 3 (Bundle Version)

(The following assumes that you are using or have built the i386 version rather than the 64 bit version of SoyLatte)

You need to copy all of the contents of your Soylatte directory,
into the directory
contents/Home (inside the package)
then copy the .jdk folder to


Unless otherwise advised or requested,

DO NOT report problems with these files to anyone associated with SoyLatte

Direct all issues and comments to

Symlink Version

zip File

Bundle Version

zip File


  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Intel