SQLEditor 4.0
v4.0.3 | 99.5MB dmg | 2023-02-25
OS X 10.14+ | 30 day Trial

New in SQLEditor

  • Fully native on Apple Silicon (v4)

    SQLEditor has been built natively for both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs. Including the bundled java virtual machine for drivers
  • Streamlined single window interface

    We've merged the inspector and all of the floating palettes into the main window. It means less screen clutter, it's better in full screen mode and it's more efficient on smaller screens.
  • Javascript Plugin System

    Create your own SQL dialects for export using Javascript. Our new report generator also uses javascript so it's easy to customize.


  • Performance improvements

    SQLEditor now supports bigger documents and loads them faster. It also has numerous other performance and stability improvements
  • Better pre-flighting with more pre-flight actions

    The preflight system has been improved with new error display and single click highlighting of tables with errors. We've also added some new preflight actions to catch new types of errors in your database designs.


  • Design Report Generator

    Instantly generate a comprehensive listing of tables and views, with columns, indexes, foreign keys and constraints listed. It also includes any comments or notes you've set in SQLEditor or that we have extracted from the database system. Use our report template, or create your own using handlebars compatible templates.
  • New style options

    You can now customize the font and style for tables and fields

SQLEditor Features

  • Simple intuitive editing with cocoa interface
  • Object inspector to edit objects, displaying only relevant options
  • Live source view, which automatically updates as you edit the design
  • Supports major database systems including MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and Postgres
  • Reverse engineer existing databases into a diagram
  • Export diagrams to create a new database or modify an existing one


  • Create foreign keys with simple drag and drop, or create more complicated foreign keys with multiple columns
  • Connection highlighting shows you instantly which columns reference each other with color coding
  • Import SQL from other applications by pasting, export back by copying
  • Data type lists are dialect specific, only showing types you can actually use
  • Supports creating and editing Ruby on Rails migration and schema files


  • SQL file import allows you to import SQL text files and schema dumps
  • Export diagrams in multiple formats for web or print documents including SVG
  • Color code and label your objects, change label colors and all labelled objects update
  • Find system allows you to search database tables for a specific object
  • Object preflight to detect errors in design
  • Multiple print options to allow detail or summary printing