SQLEditor 4.0
v4.0.3 | 99.5MB dmg | 2023-02-25
OS X 10.14+ | 30 day Trial

System Requirements
Current Version

  • Requires OS X 10.14 or later.
  • OS X 11 or later recommended

Older Releases

Older releases are available for customers who require them.

Old versions are not supported and customers are strongly recommended to upgrade if possible

SQLEditor 3.7.7 (for OS X 10.10)

SQLEditor 3.7.7 is the last release
of SQLEditor 3

SQLEditor 3.7.7 [zip]

SQLEditor 3.5.6 (for OS X 10.9)

SQLEditor 3.5.6 is the last version that supported OS X 10.9

SQLEditor 3.5.6 [zip]

SQLEditor 2 (for OS X 10.7 and 10.8)

SQLEditor 2.9.17 is the last version that supported OS X 10.7 and 10.8

SQLEditor 2.9.17 [zip]

SQLEditor 2 (for OS X 10.6)

SQLEditor 2.9.8 is the last version that supported OS X 10.6

SQLEditor 2.9.8 [zip]

SQLEditor 1.7.18 Release*

For use with OS X 10.5

SQLEditor 1.7.18 [zip]

1.7.18 does not work on 10.9.
Please upgrade to SQLEditor 3 if possible

* Requires a 1.x serial code
please ask if you haven't got one.

How to buy SQLEditor

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SQLEditor End User License

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SQLEditor is not currently available in the Mac App Store.


SQLEditor licenses start at just $79 and that gives you 12 months of free updates and free technical support by email.

Single User License$79
Group License$349
Educational Single User License$49
Educational Group License$249

Upgrade Pricing

From any earlier version

Licenses purchased on or after
1st January 2020 can upgrade for free

Single User License$40
Group License$175
Educational Single User License$20
Educational Group License$125

+VAT for European sales